Changes to Building Regulations 2015

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In October 2015 there are several changes to the approved documents:-

Approved Document G  The allowable design water consumption is to be reduced from 125 L per person per day to 110L per person per day.

Approved Document H Where new dwellings are constructed in accordance with part M suitable drainage is required from paved areas.There is revised guidance on bin storage.

Approved Document M This is a major change affecting new dwellings. On a housing sites a proportion of houses should be built fully accessible, some designed as easily adaptable to fully accessible and some as visitable for disabled people (as current regs) . The proportions for the types of houses will be decided in the planning application.

Approved Document Q this is a new document dealing with security for door sets and windows in new dwellings.

Any application lodged before October  will not be subject to these changes provided they start on site before October 2016. you can register new applications through this website free of charge.