How it works

MFA Building Control Procedures

1. The Architects Submission

An architect or agent submits plans suitable for building control purposes, including a site plan not less than 1:1250 in scale and a completed Building Regulation Application Form.

  • One copy of plans is normally required.
  • The agent should provide details of applicants name and address if different to that shown on plans.
  • Plans can be sent to our office by post or e-mailed to, we prefer plans in PDF format. Or simply complete the online application form.
  • There are no fees to pay at this stage.

2. Receipt of Application

MFA will immediately:-

  • notify the Local Authority that Private Building Control is being used.
  • Write to the applicant giving terms and conditions, our inspection notification framework and inform them of our charges.
  • Carry out any necessary statutory consultations.
  • If there are any major problems MFA will contact the agent immediately.

3. Plans Approval

Once the Local Authority have accepted our notice MFA will either approve plans or contact the agent requesting amendments. This normally is within about a week or so of receiving the submission. The approvals go to the agent.

4. Commencement

Once work starts on site the applicant should notify MFA to arrange for the necessary inspections. MFA will carry out all “urgent” inspections on day of notification if received before 10.00 am. However we do appreciate as much notice as possible.

5. Completion

Once the project has been satisfactorily completed a Final Certificate will be issued to:-

  • The Client
  • The Local Authority
  • The Fire Authority (where appropriate)